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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
At the moment 9:50 PM


Not so many updates.. Coz all I did on orentation week was... ceramah.. ceramah.. yea.. and all the ceramah in the world.. haha

So I have a roomate from Sg.Buloh.. Very friendly!! then the next door neighboor oso lyk dat. One thing la, Everyone keep asking am i chinese. ahaha..

let see.. I got nothing else to talk about my days here. Coz Im kinda broken hearted by someone. Damn!! Hate !!

Ohyea.. I havent submit my line to Ruka!! Buat pun blm.. ehe.. argh!! Im too sad to talk about anything much... so i let this post hang here..

What I really wanna say...

people change
that I dont deny
But what people change into
Is what I really dont get

Since you get it,
you seem to ignore everything
or was I just too sensitive over things?

All the calls
All the messsages
You only answered as if
you were forced to do it
or was I too sensitive over things .. again..

You left me...
then call me up when your in need
What am I to you???

Argh!! I dont wanna care no more..
So go your own
do it your way
People change
But the saddest part was
you change into something worst...