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Friday, June 12, 2009
What did I do??? 5:32 PM

hey people of earth... if you're not.. well.. welcome!! ^^

So i went to airport last night to pick up my uncle and his family.. they went to Jakarta. Why does everyone go there???

so waited .. and waited.. damn!! nothing to do!! and i was in my house attire.. yea.. who wants to dress up too much just to pick someone in at the airport?? So with a plain tshirt/jacket/3/4s/ i went there with my dad. Yea. usually i don't wanna follow.. but i wanted to buy the gummies..

for Famous Amos. xD

So too bored - went around and got "suts" from random people. EWW!! and took some pics!!


Still looks cute .. [to me]

I actually stack them together like this. REALLY BORED man!

Then I found out dat they were made of SAND.
naru hodo..

Still cute??? xD more like EWWW

Probabbly wondering what am i trying show here


Its the guy in the black jacket..

Gosh i love him


Talking about some guy. I met this one guy. More like SAW him from far. hehe. He look so much like someone i wanted to meet. Damn! Didn't get a closer look. Oh well... My luck .. ahhaha. Gosh .. I sounded like a stalker!! I AM NOT!! I was DAMN bored so I was looking and wondering around. hehe . . Ok last pic. My fav shot.

So after waiting like 3 hours. And taking this last picture.. They finally came out of the arrival room??
Well.. They have all the screening for H1N1 so dats Y they all came out VERY late.
Dats all the updates i have for now!
Be back soon~ ^^