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Thursday, June 11, 2009
Unleash the inner DEMON 1:48 PM

Yea.. unleash the inner demon ..
I was freaking mad when i actually wrote that title. haha!!! now. not so much.. I have calm down .. I thank god for giving me some peace of mind because if not.. well you gonna see all the very BOLD RED F*** words. ehehe.. :D

Story on title : Dad told me to do stuff. When I finally did it.. he rejected my works. CURSES!! Why the hell did you ask me to do it if you keep rejecting everything???? DAMN DIY la!! haizzzzzzzzzzzz

*screammmmmm out loud .... SOLLLLLLLL*

Yeah~ dat was stress relieving.. hahaha~
Guess what calmed me down ?

a funny *yet somewhat annoying* fact while resorting all the documents. + FROZEN CHOCO MINT ICECREAM *dat gives me headache toothache*. Here's the thing, Everytime I ask my dad where's my birth certificate, he always try to avoid showing it to me. So did my mum..

All they keep saying
"ada sudah tu.. x payah la ko cari .. " =.="

And they keep saying that over and over.. seriously, they have been keeping that Birth certificate away from me since EVER!! What so important you don't want me to see???? sheeesshh

// Truth was i already know what they are trying to hide.. hehe.. sneaky me..

It was the all about my biological mum information in the birth certificate. Really. I have two mums. Biological and Step mother. Well, I don't really know what had happen in the past. But from all the info i have secretly gathered ... yea.. personal. .hehe dun wanna share with you guys here.. xD

But hear this: The person who's hiding this "secret" from me [parents and grandma] still dont know I know bout this little thing since i was little. yea. Since i was LITTLE . KINDERGARTEN LITTLE.

Im proud of me. Keeping something so big to myself. and now im telling the world~ haahha!!

So dats about it.. And I have finally got all YUI's album. Wee~~~ I love doing some YUI-hunting . haha. Wait you Again Single.. i'll get you next time!!

dats all


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