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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Not My Day 7:34 PM

Ook .. I went out to karamunsing today to get a hair cut. But I didn't went to my usual hairdresser @ JD. and you know what??

I am FRIGGING mad at myself for letting me go to other than JD!

Huuhuu.. :((

I look so frigging gay right now... dayem.. i dun wanna upload any pic.. yet.. coz im too frigging sad with my newly butchered hair.. Gah.... is "Jangan Potong terlampau pendek" so hard to understand?????? my hair.. Gay!! Gawd.. OMGawd.. im thinking of making a Vlog on this.. but.. hahahaha... nah.. we'll see... hahahaha...

So wanna know how;s my hair?

Just imagine Yoochun's Mirotic hair.. yea.. the fringe is SOoooooooooo d same. Gowd GAy!!!


Yea.. here's the image i took few seconds ago.. [i loook Blegh-some . right? Right? lolz]

The front view ... The side view.. HorBz!! I tell u .. HorBz!!

I was in my pj.. nyahaha~ =.=" and look at me.. My soo soo annoyed face.hahaha..terang juga ni webcam aa? hehe

OMG!! if i did the Vlog.. All i would have said would be "OMg" "zOMG!!" OmFg!! yea.. really.. im in shock this.. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

I need to wait at least a month for my hair to grow back before i can really do something about it.. wait.. 2months.. because this is shorter than usually cut.. 3-4 cm SHORTEr!!!

how did i know 3-4cm? Im a total detail freak on arts. Haircutting IS art!! hehe.. YES IT IS.
SO .. hmm.. Im wondering.. any of you know how to grow hair longer - FASTER?

I know my hair grow fast.. but.. i need it too grow twice as fast.. hehe.. :D

So if you know.. leave a message in the Cbox or comment down there.. thanx in advance!!

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