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Monday, June 22, 2009
mata Ao!! 8:51 PM

Ok im leaving .. really .. like in less than 12 hours!!! huhu.. I cried when im packing coz I lost Natz's present for me .. The heart bracelet.. Well .. IM not gonna go long on this post.. All I wanna say is....

Thank You for all the prezzies [mostly $$] .. As if my aunties and uncles read this.. wakakak.. ok moving on

Err... Er.. I have limited time here.. ermm... wat aa???

IMY ILY see you guys soon!!
I actually cried when im packing.. wakakaka..Err.. Spent the day with natz and rodz... Sadly Haxie didnt get to come coz her Aunty just passed away... Lets give it a moment.. Ok ..
Went to RCh karamunsing... I spent the girls lunch .. And we were like Overfull after eating it.. Crazy day really.. Sot2 la.. SS ambil gambar.. like x besa.. hahahaha.. .hmmm...

I HAVENT FINISH PACKING UP !! I mean the not so necessary stuff.. K.. Dats all.. hehehe

p/s:: I wanted to do a duet with dat person .. But .. Damn .. Why the heck must I be a child in his eyes??? Yume no tsubasa.. tsubasa Chronicle's ending song.. Hmmm.. x tersampai hajat ku .. Cian kan? hahaha.. Err.. IDK if you reading this.. but.. but.. Err.. Nevermind.. [gantung!! XP]

Yeah! Dats all .. If I can curi line mana2 kedai mamak I update la.. If not... Then.. This is my last post for the moment.. I shall Go now.. Meeting my uncle and cousins .. Yeaaa...

I loVe You guys!!! Sarangheyo!!! IWMY !!! Mata Ao!!