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Saturday, June 27, 2009
Ki eL ! 4:24 PM

Hey guys! Here's my update before the registration day. Xp

So I have choose to wear a 1 or mayb 1 and a half inch sandal ala wedges [dats how i describe it. Hehe] to KL. Wah, hebat o me, go jalan 1 mile on dat particular footwear.

Reality? Its tiring.

Just imagine standing for 30minutes or so in a comuter. Hahaha! I collapes once i got back to the hotel room.

Im staying at masjid india. And since its saturday today, theres gonna be those pasar malam here. Sesak i tell u!

Sogo is having sale til tomoro!
Gulatis, Jakel and all kain2 pnya store also having mid year sale! Xp

went to midvalley just now. Haha. Went there-nothing to see-went home. Waste time oni kan? Haha.
But on the way home frm there, i almost got left behind frm d train.. If ikut hati i stay luar biar my parents jalan in dat VERY EXTRA FULL train. Bt my mum tarik me in! Aiyo! Thank god la i didnt slipped. Bt berasakan! Huhu.

Oh, im using my phone to write this, so excuse the not so proper english.

Im gönna soak my feet in a warm water. Aah~
update bout the registration when im free! Hehe.


p/s:Cammie, still cannot hack o the wifi. Hahaha