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Saturday, June 20, 2009
Im leaving soon.. :( 1:09 PM

Ok since my last post.. i've been mourning for my lost.. huuhuu... daym it all..

but hey life must go own!! So KEEP MOVING FORWARD!! from Meet the Robinnsons

Pardon the Caps. hehe.. ^^"
And the post is random .. so read it all to understand it all.. memaksa ni ba.. hahha

Next Tuesday, 23rd June..

i'll be out leaving my dear hometown . Seriously, no other place is better than your own place. I love KK!! I love SABAH!! huaaa~~ *scream*tears* KL is sooo last season.. hahaha. No offense but I've been there like hundreds of times and bored with it all .. I think I cover almost all parts of Peninsular Malaysia except the Northern parts.
Yea.. Like Kelantan.. Terengganu....[its in northern part right???] those place..
Well LIVING in KL is different from VISITING the place right? We'll see la how i do .. I think i'll do fine.. Pray hard :) Missing lots of stuff already.. haihs... ni la ni budak nda pernah kaC tinggal rumah.. xD

Sacrifices you do for the future. Eleh, like i dont come back home anymore.. so .. chillax la kan? haha


so I havent meet most of the people I wanna meet. Obviously I will not meet them for another.. I dunno.. 3 months??? Amazing... jumpa bf blh.. me? .. haha.. not pointing fingers at anyone.. [yes I am. yes I am.. hehehe... :D]

I feel stupid...

argh .. I wanna ask that guy to sing for me..for the male part of the song Yume no tsubasa.. can ka? can? say yes? yes? huuhuu..:/
I havent have the courage to ask him.. damn.. and now dat I have limited time to go online before 23rd June.. Bet my wish not coming true leh.. record the song oso havent do.. huhu

TO NSA : I'll be on hiatus from 23rd June.. k? Dun worry i'll still hand in my lines in time Ruka!! ^^
TO KUMIKO : Im having problem uploading the duet dear.. So how now? Owh well .. i'll keep trying.. Ganbatte!!

Sorry for the randomness...

I think my post always looks naked!! without any pictures.. PROPER pictures. Bad me. I havent taken any nice2 pictures for the past month.. Just look at my latest photo album in Facebook. I have it there.. hehehee... Trouble uploading it here.. so sana ja la kmu tgk aa?? ehe..

Hmmm... now .. what else??

Im missing all the girls who went to matriculation!!
I miss Haxie! Natz! Tua! lLavie! Mya! faht! Dy'e! Boss ! Shar!! Omgee.. so many.. oh i also found out Maryssa is going to UTM.. But.. which maryssa ?? macam byk maryssa i know.. huhuu.. Now im at lost.. anyone yg know.. tell me aa... Thanx In Advance!!

Im bored . And working on the GroupDub new project. wee~ Love the songs!!
I made you guys read my lamoz post.. hehe.. to make it up to all of you ...

hear this IU acous Ver for Gee SNSD and other songs.. Gotta love her talent! She's 16!!

that's all yolks!! ^^ hehe!!