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Saturday, June 13, 2009
For YOU 11:41 PM

All I wanna say is

"Sorry Sorry, sorry sorry
pardon pardon pardon my straight
forward forward forwardness
to you to you to you my baby"

This was a lyric translation from LEE - asian cover

Now this song is soooooooo suitable for my current mood.. yea.. Just the part where Kagamine Rin trying so hard to get the person infront of the computer's attention.. Well 50/50. Not totally.. hehe

Ive been trying to get reach out to someone but to no avail i was pushed away .HARD!
damn you. I was trying to say hello .. nyaa~~

悪い!! 優しさなら いらない... 彼が出てくるのをずっと待っていた... あの頃 ..
yea.. and now im moving on. Im deleting you from my memory. And yea.. deleted!!


What were we talking about??

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Last !!

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