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Sunday, June 07, 2009
嬉しい。。。(涙) 11:27 PM

something for all of you to listen to while i go wildly random !!


Im sooo in love with YUI ..

So I liked her songs since i've listen to her goodbye days song. Her music is too relateable to me. Ive once disliked her for a stupid reason . I was faking actually.. coz dat person liked her. hahaha

im actually on the hunt.. looking for official wallpaper.. and cute2 pictures of her. Gah~ i miss doing this. hahaha!!! I know Im random now. She's going to release a new single soon

SEA _ Bside. something.. i didnt read all . Too busy browsing pics. I wanna share more bout YUI on next post... heheeee. :) YUI freako much? Who cares??? she's worth to be excited about.. xD

Did I mention there was a majlis kesyukuran at my house today . Yea . Im tired to write the whole event. Too busy to take pics when people came. Too much in pain to move too much . I accidentally hit a rock . A sharp one no doubt.. coz my foot ended up wounded and bleeding.. 3 tissues aa!! huuhuu.. for such small cute.. it cause me major pain .. the skin was a lil koyak .. so plaster.plaster away~~

I'll update more after my HUNT for pics.. Im gonna make a wallpaper~~ waahahha..

Totally in the YUI - sickness mood.. ok .. dats ol~ chou!!

Btw .. the title means [Excited.. sobs]