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Saturday, June 06, 2009
私 はbaka です 2:17 PM

couldn't find the kanji for "baka" .. so romanized it. hehehe

i was thinking of letting my blog to be black . All black . Nothing on it. SO i changed the layout using the template offered here. results?? as U can see.. its plain .. And lost few stuff.. huhuu..
oh well.. as long as the Cbox working.. i spent 30mins racking through my mail inbox to find my log in info for that. hahaha!! U can imagine how many emails i dont delete .. xD

Did I mention i FORGOT TO SAVE the current template BEFORE changing to a new one??
Dats why.. its plain .. its empty.. and links has been... deleted??? Give me ur URL people..
Sorry for the trouble m(_ _)m!!!

And as i kununnya promise in my last2 post.. i will upload pics.. but just a few.. hehehe

[I cant upload more than this coz my IE keep crashing everytime!! WTH is wrong with dis thing???]

While waiting to be serve

She came late. .LATE!! its 1.30.. xD

looked alike?? hehehe

yea... the unofficial twins


So here's the girl i liked so much .. I even subcribe to her videos!!
Love her covers and she almost sounds like YUI
her originals has that YUI vibe going on..

and her originals (acoustics) i liked the most
[as good as it sounds there's more great originals from her.. and it sounds a little like YUI
_Sea song.. ]

AND ...

Here's me with my DYING headset mic.. hahaha.. need to buy a new mic..
So .. here goes..I know i sound bad.. SO PLEASE be NICE!!! I have sore throat doing this one..

**I dont know if the annotations works or not.. feel free to view it on YOUTUBE**

OK dats about it.. i wanna write more.. but my relatives has come and the kids are bugging me..
So .. till next time.. Tmoro i have a majlis kesyukuran [which i dun want at all!!! ] for me.. Guess gonna be a busy day
Pictures?? MAybe.. .hehe