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Wednesday, May 13, 2009
Little Black Dress 9:51 PM

It seems like i have not been available online for few days.. No ym. No Fb. and duh~ no fs.
Hiatus? nope. Just having internet problems. The yellow little light on the modem will go
blinking every 10minutes or so. Got fed up with the whole reconnect thing. I decided to leave the damn connection. and computer .. HAHAHA!!

So before all of my friends - the smaller circle of my friends- went to matx, we went outing.. It was great. Spent some time.. Just a few pics taken as we were too busy eating and go round2 warisan n cp.

Gosh i miss lLavie... and I have to thank her for recommending me the little black dress book's. I bought the "This is how it happened" [or something like that] .

The book stick on my hand from 10am till just now. Wow. Its been a loooong time since I actually read a novel. It was great tho I am pretty slow on reading. Now i wanna buy some more . Another RM21.90 to cash out from my wallet. GOSH! Im broke.

Shee-it! [I have trouble stopping myself from using such words.. WTF has got in to me? Is it because of this damn hot weather?? I should really put my hands over my mouth before I totally ruin the fun. XDD]

Congratz to all the franciscan for being accepted in MS. sounds like a sarcasm..Gud la!!
Byk oso going there. So nice. Im going somewhere totally unknown and totally SOLO2.
so totally me..


Reminds me the time when I signup for a tuition at somewhere I never set foot in and totally alone. And how sometimes my dad dropped me off at cp at 9.30am. Yeah damn early and totally lonely. Funny thing is - The so called classmates in the tuition class actually thought I was the dead serious loner type coz I dun talk much. Alter Ego / My usual First impression on first meeting. I like to observe the people and get into their minds before turning over to them and have a talk. As Mimich said... "ko patut jadi tu psikologi pnya org.."

Go figure.. XD

I talked too much now. Well signing off to watch a re-run on Monsters.Inc. Yea I know.. Budak2 nya no org.
I have the heart of 3 year old and a mind full of Elliot's Kid imagination. I really do! XDD

before I miss the show.. Nitez people!!!

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