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Tuesday, May 05, 2009
Because i got what i wished for... 10:01 PM

OK. updates!!

I got the offer for Diploma Civil Enggenering at UTM International Campus.
3years!! hahaha!! wish I can complete it in two years. Can ka dat??

OK so Im back to filling up all the so call borang online..I was reading all the things you should and should not do or wear.. Guess what you cant bring along? AQUARIUM.. [o.O?? that's a first] and all the electric stuff such as hairdryer,coffee maker,TV .. anything la.. can't bring. =save electricity kan kunun.. darn..=""

the dress code ware the same as the ones in matrics.. but there's one thing bothering me.. PAKAI TUDUNG.
Im not the type yang suka pakai tudung!! hahaha. Dun make me wear it there... huhuuu

and after looking at the map I search... I still don't know where the hell is UTM. Sucks at reading maps.
Oh well .. pandai la sa cari tu tempat karang. But tell me if you know k? hehe All i know its somewhere area jalan Semarak. haha

Some of my friends are leaving for matrics this sun!!! My gosh!! Geng!! Jumpa dulu wei!! haha
I mish my lLavie.. :'(

Dad is making a huge fuss over the borang2. and i keep hearing all those people saying to me..
"jauh sudah ko" "teda la lagi ko sini" "sian nenek ko tinggal sorg2" "sampai sana ko kena do this" "dont do that"
"jaga diri"
yeaaaa... i'm tired listening to all that. Im leaving yet bhaa... gosh..
then sana la dorg wanna cry over me.. "teda la ko sini" ..
If I can say it out .. I would say

"stop the crap. Im not dead. No need to cry2. Sapa suruh x pernah wanna let go. Now rasa la..muahhahaha"
Im a ruthless daughter. I know .. *inno smile*

So that's all .. I wanna talk about something but i leave that for the coming post.

...........Yeaayyy.. I got what i wished for... RAIN !!
[[So I am gonna change my layout once more..]]

A strong cold RAIN .. even if it was for only a moment...

been to long since I've seen or heard rain .. so melancholy of me.. haha. Im a scenic what can I say???

It has been a little too long since I visit my own blog and read others..
everyone seems pretty busy with..


Driver's license



all I can say is ..
Good Luck !!! I wish you guys all the best!!!
I know y'all gonna go well!!