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Friday, April 24, 2009
TOO HOT!! 7:56 PM

no .. no ..

I'm not talking about any dudes. I'm talking about this damn hot not so humid air im breathing.
Gosh I feel baked!!!
Even with the fan adore-ing me.. I can still feeling the WARM air. It get worst at nights.. suddenly it reminds me of the =land and sea breeze theory= haha

*you'll find a lot of HOT words in this post.. haha*

So people are getting worked up about matriculation and UPU results

UPU results coming this 1st May sounds like a movie commercial

and I just got the letter from matx. Gosh its big. pa la dlm dia ni??

then my dad came home with this very HOT cool good-for-people-who-wants-to-avoid-spotcheck-at-sfc- kind of bag. Very multi purpose and lots of hidden pockets.. haha.. i wanna take picture for this post but too damn lazy too take pic.. *totally NOT NORMAL from someone who can't be separated from camera* It was for me . duh~~.

But after looking at the price i was kinda reluctant.. It was such waste of money for such bag!!! You should have given me the monay and let me buy the dvd box set for Eyeshield 21!! muhahahaha

My mum's friend also gave me a bracelet. kinda look like bracelet. It was HOT nice. I appreciate all HANDMADE stuff. It was handmade with pink beads and a heart shaped as the "button"
*i need pictures to explain this .. lolz*

other than matx/weather/bag/bracelet

I gained 3kg!! owh well.. not like im over weight or anything I don't even looked like I gained weight. My waistline still maintain 25.5cm. Small?? IdK. I also gain 2cm!

So 156cm. 47kg. BMI? normal. I need to get back my stamina. Sleeping at 1am and wake up at 9am is making my body .... slow? something like that. Even my brain can't work out a good storyline.. All i can come up with is the main idea/theme/prologue/opening/few cut-cut scene.

Not Good. I usually can come up with 3 COMPLETED stories in one day.. Only i kept them in my head rather than writing it down. I always thought those stories i made were kinda fairytale like which everyone who loves happy endings story would like to read.

By "cut-cut scene" i meant to say those adoreable moments which makes people/audience go "awww" not the usual cut-cut scene from those 18 and above movie aa....

NOTE #2:
I don't do happy endings. I wrote all the happy cute story with sad endings..

that's all I can come up with now. I shall update later.. Maybe I'll post out one of my fics here. But then who wanna read it anyway?? Not so many people read my blog.. i think..

Neways... Im going back to sit infront of the fan. terlampau panas eh!!
kudos people!!