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Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Randomly Made 11:17 PM

I feel wasted. Sitting at home doing mostly nothing..
suddenly i'm in the mood to do this
*not my best work though.. XP*
have fun reading
*not a poem*


I keep waiting for you
eventhough the restaurant closed
I kept waiting for you
eventhough It was freezing outside
I kept waiting for you
until my hands turned pale
I kept waiting for you
because I thought you would come

passionate by ~Nefelee on deviantART

I sat there waiting for hours
until my hair was frozen
until my lips turned blue
But you didn't call
not even a text

Tired of waiting
I walked myself home
upset crushed and alone
I tried to call you
but you didn't answer
too tired to walk
too cold to move
I sat on the bench under the lamp post
still wishing for you to come

Waiting in the Cold by ~akshayp on deviantART

realizing you won't come
and how late and cold it was at that moment
I decided to go home
near the traffic light
I stopped my steps

You called
Telling me you can't come at that time
You told me
"The boss just wouldn't let me off this meeting dear..."
you gave me excuses
like you always did
But i kept believing in those excuses
because you promised
you won't cheat
and I trusted you

But when the light turned green
a group of people came walk pass by me
and I saw you were holding someone else's hand
Our eyes met
and i called out your name

"Do you know this girl?"
i waited for you to answer that question
somehow I knew what you're about to say


The coldness brought by the winter
was nothing compared to your words

all the waiting
all the faith i put on you
all those times i spent trying to please you

yea.. Didn't get what i was trying to say here?
me too
I just wanna say..

this was sooo randomly made.. Im sorry
*totally will score C in exam oo.. hahaha*

Across the street by ~SchillesFly on deviantART