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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
NO!!! 3:10 PM

OMG!! The firefox crashed as i reached Eyeshield21 ep 18!!! NOooooooooooooooo~~~

I practically screamed at the computer when i saw the firefox dissapeared.. Yea.. Weird i know...

Now.. im back at square one.. Ep 15.. ngeh.. I didn't get to watch it as the firefox make the dissapearing act right before my eyes...


back to waiting another half an hour for every episode to finish load.. Damn connection! why can't you go any faster??

ok... I shall go sulk in the corner of the room until this thing finish..


okay... seems like there is somewhat unknown forces that don't want me to watch my anime... Huuhuu.. firefox crashed everytime i reached the 30min of the ep.. <== btul ka sa explain ni?? hmm..

fine... I won't watch it.. not today at least.. geez...