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Saturday, April 25, 2009
I changed it!! 2:22 PM

Horray!!! I changed my layout. Like it?? I love the blue.. reason i choose this eventhough the codes
were kinda messy for me to read and edit... and this letters is not really centered/fit in the box perfectly

Blue... for calmness..
rainy days... coz I want it to rain now..
and most of all...

ngahahhaa.... i still wanna change the layout. I want something much simple-ER or something la! ahaha.
Till then.. spare me.. i dunno how to edit the small letters+the not so centered post? huhu

ok.. nothing to post out other than me being confused with this matriculation letter. Byk o wanna isi.. ngeh~ @_@

So... read this!! heehee.. idk if i ever post or gave u guys read it but... I'm so Out of words here...
Enjoy!! *VERY short though*

"HappY BirthdaY"

Everything was set up perfectly. A table filled with luxurious food and her friends sitting around

the table- waiting for her to get ready. It was perfect. At the end of the table a big round birthday

cake was ready to be light up. The girl smiled as she lighted up each red candles.

“Great! Everyone’s here,” she said to herself

The girl took the teddy bear she left on the cabinet and hold it in her arms. She stood in front of

the big round cake. As soon as the Happy Birthday song finished, she blew the candle happily.

She took the knife and sliced the cake. Everyone clapped for her. She put the first slice on to a plate.

“Now who wants the first slice?” she asked eagerly.

She waited for a reply. But only silence replied back to her. She looked around at her friends.

She looked at the teddy bear in her arms.

“Why is everyone so quiet?”

The soulless teddy bear just stared back at her. The girl grabbed a spoon and took a mouthful of the first slice of the cake.

“Don’t you guys want some? It’s delicious!”

She smiled to all her friend who was sitting around the table with her. None spoke to her.

Suddenly tears started to fall from her eyes.


All her friends were stuffed animals. The cheers and applauses were only a recording on a tape.

The poor girl thought she won’t be alone if she filled the empty spaces. But little did she know

her actions just made her emptiness grew bigger. She walked out from the dining room.

Sadly she switched off the lights.

“Happy birthday to me..."


I know it's short. and lacking few elements such as details and explanation or such .

Critic on my own story.. hahahaha!!!

Rate and comment as you like!!