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Saturday, April 11, 2009
HIATUS??? 1:22 PM

Kinda bored with on9 stuff.

And I seem to have a lot to catch Up with like...

  • re-arrange my room
  • finishing at least one chapter of my story.. I haven't finish the prologue!! oh Gawd!!
  • err... painting??
  • cook... [so sad .. i'll be the only one finishing it in the end]
  • watch tv .. [its been a while since i conquer that tv]

Ok there's only three things I wanna do to day

the first 2 in the above list and do some video making. That's all.

SO im gonna be offline for a whole day.. 24hours to be exact and get this chores done. HAHAHA
chores.. I don't do chores, people do that for me.. XD

List Of the Things I give up for 24hours

Myspace = Revived!! after few months, I finally using back myspace.. No friend oo.. Add me eh..

Facebook = Feel like I on9 24/7 in this. My rock legend has become a bore already. Must rest this one out.

Friendster = seems unlikely dead. Oh well, still use it to contact long lost fren. hahaha

Gaia = This one.. I only went there to play zomg! but.. Idk .. I REALLY DoN'T KNOW how to play that, and kept being killed... XP

Youtube = My favorite channel .. haha.. yeah.. new BOF behind the scenes - Xfiles - is up. wanna watch... huuhuuhhuu

YM n MSN = On9 like 24/7. But gonna off this ones as well. Sorry can't chat with you guys haxie.. Natzz... sapa lagi? Precious...

P/s: PreC, sorry I havent sambung the BOF story.. hehehe ...

For 24 hours I'll be gone from this virtual online world... might extend the 24 hours to 48 hours ...
Oh well ...
... Its time...

I have to go.... and do what ever I wanted to do...

Stepped OUT