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Monday, April 27, 2009
7:31 PM

Hey hey bloggers...

**I know I don't have much followers.. teehee~**


Today's news::on me::

Ok. So I was chatting ever so happily with few people on chatango.
Then this one dude pm

dat dude : hi
me : hye
dat dude : whre ya from
me : msia
dat dude : lets talk about blue
me : *blur* blue??
dat dude : xxx [i sensored it. haha]
me : noooooooooo
dat dude : so?
me: GO THE HELL with that!!

then I blocked him out. haha!! then I chat with few other people. Its amazing how i only chat
with anime lovers or random teenagers from US or UK or Canada or anywhere from the
other side of the world. Everytime.. the conversation would end up something like this

me: really? u watched it??
#?#? : yeah. It was good. U should watch the anime!!
me: wat tym is it there...?
#?#? : [usually it will be midnight or something like that]
me : r'nt you tired?
#?#? : nah, not really

.....after an hour or so....

#?#?: owh I think I gtg. Feeling sleepy

me: ok. nyte2 . cya

Yea.. I was left alone. I don't really go for the dudes from our own country coz most of them
ARE horny. So don't wanna take any risk in involving with pervies.. X_X

then around 1345pm++ . BLACK OUT. COMPUTER = DEAD
I was chatting with venda at that time and well .. I left her alone.. Sorry bos!!

"GAH!! no internet" went to sit on the couch.

"Its hot... damn hot.. I blame humans for causing global warming"
I basically fill my head up with all thoughts about random stuff

"la...la ..la..."
In my room listening to music on my laptop. thank gawd got battery.. ngehhehe
I put up my legs against the wall. And after a while.. Cramped.

"aahh... pening.. ada air sejuk ka ni aa??"
Went to the kitchen grabbed some snack. and a glass of COLD ICED WATER..

Nothing to do.No internet. NOTHING
I went to karam and surveyed some hp. Xpress Music seems nice..or
3.2mp Sony's CyberShot. .. both around Rm660 ..

Which should I buy? Any suggestion??
=the question for the day. hahahaha=

Today was pretty blegh.. I feel bored writing this.. Bet you got bored reading this too..

ohya! My video on youtube were deleted too!! darn! and just when it got 200 views... oh well...
Sony Music Entertaiment (Japan) always delete stuff from Youtube. Even when you put up the DISCLAIMER )=works really well...no doubt=(

that's all ! Cheerio!!