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Saturday, April 11, 2009
12:28 AM

Cool huh? Sorry Sorry in rock version!! Yea.. Rock Hard & Love easy!! WooHoo! Go Royal Pirates.

*pirated songs.. irony.. ahahaha... Im just kidding!!!! *


What's UR best accessories when going out?
= My friends

What's UR favorite snack in this world
= Bunnies!!

What's UR genre of music
= universal... if its good... its good... if not.. sana dlm tong sampah..

What's UR favorite laugh?
= MUAHAHAHAHA.. evil laugh

What's UR crush's name?
= lots... haha!!

What's UR biggest fear?
= loneliness.... Dun leave me~~~~ huhu T^T

What's UR imaginary friend's name?
= err... -___-;;;

What's UR favorite Colour?
= right now .. BLACK...

What's UR reason for doing this survey?
= IM bORED like hell!!!

What's UR opinion on this survey?

What's UR plan nexT?
= On what? I wanna conquer the world!!!

last Q

What's UR wish for today?
= I wanna finish watching eyeshield21!!! and i hope everyone's happy!! :))
*if you guys feeling happy today tell me...teehee~~*

=Hope your wish come true!!=

Should I tag you? Yea.. the one reading this .. hmm.. Do it if you wanna... I dun wanna force ya...

Btw... there's a lot of pervies at chatango..so DON'T GO OUT GIVING UR MS FS FB or EMAIL...

That's all...