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Saturday, April 18, 2009
Broke!! 9:20 PM

In one day .. my whole money in the bank went .. poof!!!

So today.. i went out with my parents to go sSHOPPING!!!! owh how I love shopping! and i can be categorized as a shopaholic.. seriously... *serious face*

Just now before went out my granny gave me Rm200 for belanja2.. So I was thinking of buying myself some new shirts and Eyeshield21 box set.

Went to KAINMEWAH before go to pacific ngiukee.. and mum bought RM150 worth of kain.. wah.. so mahal.. But the kain was very nice.. so worthed it la mahal2.

After that I went to pacific and bought few clothes. The rm200 which my granny gave wasn't enough. hehe.. told ya. Im shopaholic. XD

Then later my dad call and told my mum to withdraw some money.. to buy a new Laptop. YES! finally.. a whole day stuck in my room playing game... *main purpose of having a laptop*


After taking out ALMOST all my money from the bank... I was left with few hundreds in my account. I got to buy all this "unnecessary" things namely clothes and laptop but i still didn't get to buy the Eyeshield21 box set!! DArn! darn! dang!

now i don't have enough money to buy it.. I need exactly rm124. Anyone wanna derma to me? help this addicted soul.. hehe.. jkjkjk

and now I finally can use this latop though it is empty... backup file? don't wanna.. hahaha..

that's all for today.. wanna find more games.. hehehe.. i crap today .. *like always*..