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Friday, April 10, 2009
@_@"""" 4:44 PM




where's snow when you need it?? Is it gonna rain tonight??

please rainnn... I wanna sleep in coldness again. hahahaha

yeah~ I'm kinda affected by this heat from the global warming. So this is a FULL PLEDG CRAP POST. whatever that suppose to mean.. hahaha

So yesterday I went out. [yesh natz n xie.. I went out.. ]
Waited for Mimich to pick me at karam and head to CP.. played bowling [i lose .. mimich win.]. Its a no surprise coz i never played bowling in my life.. Or have I? If I did.. I maybe too little at that time.. XD

Then after Bowling, me,mimich and her couz went to Fun Square. We waited for Jude to finish his jam practice and Sherry to arrive. We played...

Dance2 = oh..failed!!

Daytona= I'm first!!

another racing game = err.. 30th

another racing game = *screams..* there were a lot of screaming in that game.. Didn't win.

then played the basketball thingy.. Sherry came!! Mimich and her couz [bryant] were playing the game intensly.. hmm... main la kmu.. sa mo rest2.. hahaha

Then we went to Hall 5 to watch Friday the 13th. That movie contains =Sexual images & violent actions. And it was for 18 AND ABOVE. Guess what?? All of us who entered there was underage!
Except for sherry.. she's legally 18 already.. Me and mimich was 17. And the 3 other guys that followed was.. well SPM candidates.. hahahahaha....

So the movie was.. well.. full of suspens + bloody + never ending.. We all thought the killer was dead at the end when Clay threw the body into the lake.. but the killer jump back up! WTH???
so .... how to put this.. never ending- ly - boring!!!!

Sorry to be a spoiler to people who haven't watch the movie.. at least I didn't tell you guys what happened in detailed right?? It was FUN [in a evil-twisted-bloody-horrifying killing kind of way].. Best for horror movie lovers.. from me.. i probably give 3.5- 4 stars... hehe

well thats all for now.. wanna go chat2 with friends..
coz... I didn't on9 for one day.. all A LOT has happened...

hmmm..... need to dig put some dirt from her...

yes.. you know who you are...




Jan ko lari~~