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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
What A Day-----a simple scribblez of crapz 8:45 PM

Well today i woke up earlier than usual
7am! Nice!
the early morning air was so nice. It was kinda chilly. But it was refreshing.
I Love Waking up early *smiles*
*Breathes in* aaahhhhh~~~~

Then i went to do my early morning routine
-as usual-
i was sweating like hell by the time i was done...
felling more refresh after bathing... ngehehe

so today i have my last drive before the test tomorrow.
scared~~~~ not really... but hoping i can nail it dis time...

hmmm..what was it i wanna write here at first?
oh ya~~

reminder to myself:
#1. Focus when on the road
#2. When brek change gear
#3. Before stop free gear then when ready gear 1
#4. simpang = tym turn brek... then release when in position *wth??*
#5. Please, PLEASE remember to change gear appropriately....
#6. Stay calm even if the car stop-dead in the middle of the street *most probbably near roundabout*
#7. Remember what the dude say... don't use other road...

Pass laaaa.. i dowanna faillll ..... NOT AGAIN! huhu
enough reminder...
Gonna offline
Wanna sleep early
Nytez people

thanks for reading!
this was from my CrapZone.com