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Friday, March 20, 2009
Updates!!!! 11:16 PM

OK im back... *for now... hehe*

.::So news update::.

xx***The Fun Stuff***xx

I was away for 4 days last week.. I was supposed to be in my kampung for the weekends ONLY but it was extended due to a tremendous flood. huhu.. Not only i was stuck there without internet services... My damn phone died! and i cant use it at all... huhu... So the only way to spend those long hours of boreness is by watching AF7 over n over n over n overrrrr .... *damn!! no other shows agen ka you people wanna watch???* So we tried to go home on monday, but the flood just kept getting worst... i mean ..WORST!!! Houses sinked*sunk? forgive my grammar.lost them somewhere in the jungle... hahaha*

Went back kampung because my aunty is getting married. So as usual all the teenagers will be incharge of doing the gula2 and the telur2.. haha.. thank god we had enough for everyone. We kinda ate some of it.. hehe.. then after the majlis pernikahan got the karaoke session. oh yes! i sang! and it was horrible! oh so wat.. by the tym it was my turn to sing everyone left already.. lolz

FUN PART OF BEING STUCK~ Me and my "aunties" -farah n adek- *they're younger actually* watched "Black Night" on tv in the darkness of the night. Farah was charging her phone next to the tv, so we didn't really watch the whole thing.We kept changing the channels. Farah wanted to say something to me and adek who was lying infront of the tv. But then her phone vibrated...So she turned around as i was changing the channel to TV3....


Farah jumped on me and adek!!!!

Me and adek was laughing the moment she did dat. HAHAHA
She saw the scene where the boy in the yellow clothes were stretching his hands out .*i think if it was in 3D, Farah would be running out of the living room* Then... it rained!!! OHNO!!!! no tv!!! not only that!! FLOOD+RAIN= MORE FLOOD!!!! skip next day... we were able to go home!! and my uncle said he wanted to buy me a new hp... i pray la he mean it.. i seriously need one.. hehe...

xx**The NOT so Fun Stuff**xx
here's the not so fun part from my absence. Since my results weren't what my dad expected. So i end up searching/browsing/applying for Uni/scholarship for 3 days straight. Not to mention the uncountables rising voice from my dad *OUCH!! stabs! Daggers!!!* Stress+no one to talk to = Depressions Yea.. been there done that. Been depressed all my life... The motto "Live your life to the fullest" is my dream. haha.. There were times i even thought of suicide. I did what i wasn't supposed to *it was really that A HUGE bad moment for me* But i thank god for giving me friends that really helped me get through that bad moment of life..

-life is something you must cherish through goods and bads- -Everything happens for a reason.-

That's the whole synopsis of my days being away from blogging.

not much fun huh? I'll try to get more excitements in my life so you wont be bored reading *and me off the comp.. hahaaha*

Okiez... That's all folks...
Im trying to upload some pictures but kept getting error messages... darn..
Try again next time then. till Then...