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Sunday, March 22, 2009
On one evening 10:14 PM

So i woke up from my half an hour nap and suddenly have the urge to take pictures. Im bored and the battery just finished recharged... So i just took the cam and went out. So lets see what i took.. nothing much because i was only taking pictures in my backyard.

I was standing under a tree while taking this... ok .. it was a lil too bright for me too take the whole blue sky image...

.ZOOM IN!!! muahahaha
pictures of the flowers blooming in my backyard. Thanks to the green hands of my mum... hehe
But half of the flowers she grew died already.
not enough attention ma.. so they died lor... ahahahaa

oh ya!! and did i mention?
There was a doggie who stared at me while i too this pics... so i took a pic of it.. kinda blur.. miyane...
i didn't dare to take a close up picture...
eventhough the dog didn't budge or bark.Frankly i would rather say the dog wants me to take it's picture. hahaha
im a dog-phobia... terrible accident... *cold shiver*
If only you could see the puppy dog face i saw! sooo cute...
*stay away from me doggie*

So then i was left with nothing to capture. So i did this... One object-Different pictures

ok i lied... not much different. same ja ni the angle.. no variasi tul! hahaha .. comment myself again that. lolz

So that was i did today.
Not much.
I wanna see my friends la.
and bake cake for certain someone.. hehe...
but im not good being in the kitchen without the supervision of someone expert . hahahahah
Should go to cooking class.. since im doing nothing at home.. hehe

So that's all i wanna share with all of you today..
wanna continue write story..
I cant never seem to finish one. haha