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Friday, March 06, 2009
♥ ♥ ♥Just another day♥ ♥ ♥ 9:52 PM

Im back~~~

Yeap. Im back with my crapZ posts

So first thing first
I passed my driving test two days ago!!! Woohoo!!
sadly, no car to drive in.... *sigh* [how bout you lending me yours? haha]

One of my relative just passed away this evening. Condolence to the family.
God bless.

hmmm ....
Since two days ago the meals in my house consist mainly seafood.
last thursday's meals were - crabballs, fishballs, and sardine and curry chicken..
Today's meals - TIRAM!!!!!! my fav~~~ hohoho ... +sayur+somekind of fish/crab stick not that Im complaining but it was kinda weird. At least it seems weird to me. hehe

Another thing that happened today was my little couz came to my house.
*LOoooNG sighs.....She's annoying!*
Here's the thing - she only wanted to come over because she want to go to the next door neighbour.[her father wont let her... sapa suruh... LOLz].She helped herself to the kitchen and came back to the living room with a glass of juice and some of MY snacks... *siiighhh*
She was watching the tv while I continue chatting with my fren on ym and msn.
I thought she was gonna watch the tv quietly... but i was WRONG!!
She started to climb on a chair and stood right next to the window and start shouting to the next door's kid. HAIYA~~~~ *i just let her be and continue chatting.... HAHA*
So after a while, she called her house saying she wanted to go next door, but she was told to go back home instead. YEAY!!! Peace in my house!! I sent her back home and continue watching Boys Over Flower on youtube..

=5 Minutes later=

Dang!!! the thunder is killing my LAN! i cant watch my super cute kimbum and the totally annoying *but so adorable* Junpyo....
So i decided to make a videoclips of my favorite artist ever YUI!!!
OMG! she's so cute... here are some pictures of her i found..
*I don't own this pictures*

Cute right??

I also heard from my father that SPM RESULTS COMING OUT THIS COMING THURSDAY, 12 MARCH.... he even write it with big letters on the whiteboard... sengaja ni bha wanna make me remember... hmmmm *narrows eyes*
Well Im gonna continue watching BBF now..
*Junpyo oppa~~ Kimbum oppa~~ Sarangheyo~~*
Signing off now...
As always...

Thank You for reading,