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Sunday, March 29, 2009
just a quick update because i got........HOMEWORKS????? 9:44 PM

OMG!! I actually got homeworks!!!

Sej AND Geo folio again that!!!


and i havent do anything.. much.. haha!!

I'm helping my mum's friend doing the "research" for her kid
the mum was doing all the work..
Stupid right???
Should be the kid yg buat kerja. I mean he's going to have PMR..not his mum!!

aaa...you do stupid things for your family... half true...

other that me having "homework" eventhough im not attending school
i would like to say

Im BACK experimenting my camera once again!!
Im just gonna use my 5MP DIGITAL CAMERA

and... after reading the fruit of love *found the link to it in suzai's blog*
i continue reading some stuff from that site

I am now stuck at this one manga
"School Days"
im still reading it.. and downloading it too! XD

SO cute!!
*but there are more greater stories i read before*
gonna continue read it after this...

another short shout out goes to Haxie *who will probabbly read this coz i told her too.. XD*

CONGRATZ on your battle against GOZAR!!!

To people who don't know what im rambling about... Im talking about the game existed on facebook.
Its a game about... Band battles?? buying/recruit people into your band?not good at explaining stuff... go check it yourself laa
Im addicted to that game!!! OMO!!! gonna level up before someone buy my band members again!!


CRAP! i need to finish this re-edit all the info i just got ... will be updating back again soon... *tmoro*