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Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Going Out to the bank... 8:30 PM

I was supposed to go to the bank and unblock my bank card.
it was block somehow.
I was waiting for my dad to call me but he didn't. So went on9. macam biasaa~~

put my ym status as "going out a bit later-busy"
Chat a lil with precious and she helped me with the links and tagboard.. hehe... im a noob... so wat.. [malu bertanya sesat jalan... ]
Great thanx to Precious!!

"its gonna be me~~" my phone rang

[eh? y she call dis??]
[lo? aa.. y?]

Its her birthday today and she asked me if i wanna go out with her and celebrate her Bday. My dad gave permission and i went out. YES! I didn't go out to the bank instead I went out with my friend. [sorry I didn't tell u guys on YM!! crash planning=have to get ready really fast. out of crdt oso this! dang x sedar...]

*Oh, and just the other day my other friend asked me if I wanna go out with him today but I told him I was too lazy to go but i agreed to Sherry* So la jahat me... nghehehe...

So today's event: Celebrating Sherry's Bday
Venue: 1B
People attended: cammie-archie-sherry... and yes of coz me...

First stop: WAGAMAMA

people hungry la. Mari makan dulu~~
Im not use to eating at sushi restaurant. Hmmm... what did I ate that?? Some sushi... and fried rice+salmon.

Munch-eat-chat-eat-talk-munchMunch-craps stuff===>>
I was too full to finish my dish and started to look around...
looking at the food+drinks on the tutu-sushi train and a lil boy kid next to me. Then I saw something in his hand.


So then I saw the pudding cup on the tutu-Train sushi lane. it went pass me...o.O!!!

aaa.... ambill tuh~~~

But instead of eating it... I end up PLAYING with the pudding. Placing rice... some onion leaf.. salad.. carrot... watermelon seed


We have a smiley face that kinda looked like Goo Jun Pyo from boys before flower.
[sorry no pics coz i dun bring my cam. hp cam cant use. sad.sad]

I was playing with my food [the pudding] when...

cammie: the pelayan nampak tu kita*me*.. main2 makanan
me: peduli ... *continue play with food*
cammie: kena blacklist la kita ni...
me: duit kita.. peduli.. hahha
*correction: not my money aa.. kena blanja dat.To the person yg kaC kuar duit:: 10Q!*

Then after playing with the pudding... I ate it. With the salad I put on top as the 'hair'.
Spooned it clean. Licin berkilat! haha!

Then we all go round2 the place. UP down DOWN up.[no where to go oo] There was a rehearsal for something at 1B also! Lots of people dancing. Shuffle+breakdance+traditional dance. Quite cool! Oh and i saw Ezam there also. Hmm... long time no see him since tuition. Nice hair do.. a very cool guy indeed. ROCK ON!

Then we all made a pit stop at cammie's house.On the way to her house i can't take my eyes off the clouds. It looked like a piece of painting! SOoO nice! So Beautiful!
Dang... no camera again... So borrowed Sherry's hp and try to capture the scene
*just testing the angle if can get nice view/pic*

And i thought the driver merangkap cameraman saw the view... then around a corner when the scene was in front of him ...

archie: *wat did he said??*: ah! lawa! take picture!* said something like that to sherry who was next to him*
Sherry: okay!
me: *in my mind* eh? you guys didn't perasan pla? Punya nice the clear view of the scene saaaaanaaaa tadi... oh well... guess you didn't heard when i sed that. OPPS!

FIRST TIMMER!! O.O!! So nice oo the neighbrhood. Last time I went there was 5 years ago- when my dad couldn't find the way to my uncle's house.
SoOo gebu+Fuulafie+playful+BIG!!!
But it didn't like me. Kept running away from me. huhu. :'(

Cammie took all her convo stuff and once again we were back on the road on the way sending me home. It was dark when we arrived at my place. So Sherry friend me till the door. said good bye and hugs.. Gave her a Japanese Doll set bought from a gift shop while she was in the cd store..

yeah... what a day.. what a perfect sunset scene! *dang no cam agen!!!*

Thank Youh for inviting me Sher... and the sushi... and the ride... *oh this can go on forever..*
THANX for d day!!!

from me@my crap zone