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Saturday, March 28, 2009
Earth Hour -I am On9 from before till now- 9:15 PM

As I said on fb...

Im gonna update my blog after the Earth Hour

*im writing in the dark...oo! my eyes hurt just looking at this bright screen*

So all the house in my area off their lights.. GOOD!!

I was planning to do star gazing or ramen candlelight partayy. But no one wanna fren me. So here I am writing this watching AF7 Concert. *The shuffler dude is singing right now.*

In the darkness... I texted my fren haxie.

So she went jalan2 at kk during this hour...
So she told me that KK is not turning off their lights.. hmm... pa ni wo?? x sayang earth la dat.. *the actual fact is they are afraid all the sneaky thieves ceroboh masuk their kedai*

So here is Haxie's *reminds me of Haje from BOF* conclusion on Earth Hour :
Mostly all the houses off their lights but not the big2 kedai.

Owh..nothing much to update about Earth Hour... Its just another campaign the WWF did to promote global warming WARNING.

that's all folks...

here are some photos i took yet again.. *i have killed my own subject... opps! *inno smile*

most of my pics are blue sky contrasting with green nature
I am obsessed with this kind of shots.
[coz I LOOOOVee blue]

nice? say yes... dun u dare say no.. haha

Im bored right now so lets do something

pixo-telling tym!!

have fun scrolling!!!

on one evening...

I found a beetle under my mum's dying plant
can you see it?
the black thing under the roots or leaves

Since I have no other things to do
I followed this little thing around
[lets give it a name]
*too bad i can'T capture this one more clearly*

Gooooing UP!
[It fell into the drain down below before I took this shot]
the leaves were too slippery for Mr.Beetle to walk on

Goinnng DOWN
[running away from me.. no doubt]

And just hanging around

The main reason its upsidedown like this was
it was wayyy too bright
if its the other way

*Mr.Beetle fell few times so i can get this shots*
*poor thing...*

Its getting dark, Mr.Beetle
I havta go now...

"Finally!!! She's out of my hair. Im going to rest now"

ok... I'm leaving you alone.
[the truth was... it died]
[R.I.P Mr.Beetle]

That's the end of the story "ME and the BEETLE"