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Saturday, March 07, 2009
>=[ ]=< 10:25 PM

Yea .. Im not happy... NOT AT ALL!!
i feel like wanna cry watching my phone go off and on all by itself....
I can't even reply any messages as it goes off even before i finish typing!!

*laura, sorry i cant reply you back!!!!*
*Natz!!! my phone kena rasuk... sorry late/didn't rep*

Then there's another thing.... i wanna go out to the SFC bazaar tomorrow but ... haish~
I think I might not be going if i have to go to my relative's house tomorrow. ngeh~
life..... sux at this moment.

Im currently trying to watch Boys Before Flower/Boys Over Flower . I only manage to watch until episode 13. I shall continue my marathon tomorrow... the connection is very slow at this moment.. Haih~ *man... i sigh a lot today... Do you know that sighing a lot = rezeki lari... Im just being supersticiouso~ho ho ho*

I took some pictures again today.. using my mum's phone because my phone as I stated earlier "kena rasuk" and my camera went out of battery... The sky was so blue!! I love blue! Don't you? and the sky blue color contrast very well with the fresh green leaves on the tree... It reminds me of summer in Japan. *as if I ever go there...but I wish i did! teehee*
Too bad I can't show it to you guys,
the pictures still in my mum's phone....

Well that's all...


i was wondering... it was rather odd to see my ym list today... everyone was in "sleeping" mood.
where did all of you went to??? huhu ... i was alone....

That's All folks!!!
I wanna go sleep now... tired

*no.not really. Im just dissapointed with my phone*
staring at the phone .... *smirk*
*crack! [break the phone into 2]*
*dush!! [thrown it into the sea]*

heh~ continue watching kdorama

Oyasuminasai minna-san!!!!
Sweet dreams Everyone!!!

[Aishiteru yo~~~
~ *junpyo oppa* <3<3<3]