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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
wanna read?? 11:33 AM

Nothing actually

im out of words to say
am out of topic to share

so ...

what to write???


how bout I share my some Quotes i found
made up few minutes ago??

Well... it's not like much people reading my Crappy posts anyways....

im doing random stuff... its gonna be BORING i tell ya....
still wanna read???

okay ... as you wish....
here are some...
correct me if im wrong ya...

"Can you notice what you can't see?"

"To know yourself you have to look at others ... to know others you have to look in your heart"

"Life can only be understand backwards but must be live forward"

To true don't cha think?

"Name me one boat that'll never sink.... friendSHIP"

"The best way to improve yourself is to beat yourself"

not beat = hit yourself aa... OUT DO yourself

"Im better than yesterday"

"Never say never"

see? see? I told ya it's gonna be BORING TO THE MAX
but you wanna read oso
I shall stop this insane crapping...

till i found a truly worthy topic to share
then only i post

Till then

this was from
my CrapZone.com
-truly crap-

signing off



*colourful right?? hehe*

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