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Saturday, February 14, 2009
Valentine's Day!!! ^^V **two part post** 5:18 PM

xX_PART #1_Xx

I can't sleep again tonight.

By my watch, its been MORE than 24hours since I had a wink of sleep.
What happened to me??
i need to rest!!
a long LOOOOOnng rest!!
tomorrow i have my weekly driving lesson... GOTTA SLEEP!
But how???
I still don't feel sleepy at all...


Happy Valentine's day everyone!!
Spread the LOVE ya'll

enjoy your moment with your loved ones!!!


PART #2_Xx

Let me tell you a lil dark secret... Okay... its not a secret anymore since im gonna post it here...

I DISLIKE Vdays...

i dislike Vdays


I kinda forgot why. But something bad is bound to happen to me on the day/eve/night before Vdays.
varies from
-losing my precious treasure
-having a problem with people I care
-something died
i never thought of it until the "bad thing" happened...
each February
each year
each valentine's day


I forgot... haha...

But hate feeling this sad...
and almost emo feeling... It's useless to be emo!!!!
USELESS i tell you!

"Is there anyone who can
break this darn curse for me?"

"Oh Prince...
when would you come and save me???"

[~Drama Queen Much!!!???? ~]


im hoping this "curse" will break soon...

I DON'T HATE Valentine's day....
I just HATE what ever it is that's making me feeling all gloomy on this day

lol... i sounded like Im desperate for help....

I AM!!! **sweat drop**

Yours Truly,

**This was from my crap zone -Valentine's Edition -**