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Tuesday, February 17, 2009
TEST!!!! QTI!!!! **another two part stories** 10:20 PM

[Part #1] Dang!!

i have a "pre" drive test tomorrow... i pray for nothing to happened to me like my last driving lesson..
i almost got into accident .. 3 TIMES!!!!
that's all im gonna do tonight...

em! gonna do my best... so i wont fail... MUAhahahha!!!

[Part #2] It wont go away... still lingering *just a short one*

This feeling wont go away
no matter how hard i want to erase it
it will never be
it could never be

This feeling
is something i could not believe
something i could not dare to feel
Because it may just be
an illusion of an ill soul

This feeling still lingers
you're just my illusion
a dream i created
with open eyes...