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Saturday, February 28, 2009
Just Random facts about health 10:08 PM

"Enjoy my current fav song by YUI while reading.. She's cuuteee ... <3>

XoXo...-**Facts i learned today**-...oXoX
[found from Yahoo Health...]
  • 6 to 8 hours of sleep makes you 3 times younger than you RealAge
  • Doodling Can Help Memory
  • Foods to keep your Brain young!
  • I'm not Insomnia at all... yea!!!I took the quiz. I just need to improve my lifestyle :DD
  • If you wanna lose weight... look at the calories instead... [I know this long time ago... that's why I'm not gaining much weight... ahahaha ]
  • Chocolates is a good antidepressant [i've tried it and it worked like a charm]
That's all about health i learned today...
on to next story!


so today i went for shopping...restocking the house with foods and life supplies...haha
i went to SERVAY PUTATAN ... ngehngehngeh

i am supposed to upload pictures ... but... later la i edit oni... hehe

Early morning today - 7.30am
I woke up and found i have a message from certain someone asking me to do certain things
**you know who you are... not my fault you didn't get to take your laundry... HAHAHA**
"jan mara aa~~~"
I didn't have breakfast and was forced to leave the house with my hair looking all ugly. heh?
watev..like i care... haha
then went to the Kepayan's Hiltop
Mum have her appointment with Doctor about her cholesterol level
naa... no more seafood... eat only white eggs... hahaha

Morning - 10.10am

x.-**While waiting... my hp DIED[hp glitches!!]. So i switched hp with mum**-..x
After waiting for half an hour... we're done at the clinic!! Finally....
food!SWEETS!! Lollipops!!!!
the first thing i put into the cart was...
ORANGES... the small ones... which i forgot what they're called ... "honey oranges??"
then it was the grapes... then the yogurt drinks [YUMMm]
i was filling the cart with foods that i want while mum was busy
picking out the ginger,chicken all those stuff
RAW stuff

After filling the cart with everything necessary.. we went to
the cashier
and i saw the lollipops.. took 6
and just throw it onto the table..
*note: if you wanna buy something that maybe rejected by your parents...*
**put it on the cashier at the last minute... that's what i did**
it took more than 15minutes to scan all the stiff we were buying.
[Guess you can tell how many stuff we bought]

while waiting
[lost track of time... my hp died!!! nice kan??]
I met my friend who was working at the well i dunno what store he was working in.
But he saw me...[wished he didn't though] the painful part was he poked me.
Darn! it hurts!!
Luckily my mum didn't saw that or she'll be wondering if i have anything going on with that guy. haha
**he's taken orady okay... haha**

The thing that surprised me was the digits displayed on the cashier's screen...
That's TWICE the usual amount we pay. Oh well... not my money... *Inno Smile*
Bought some chicken popcorn also at Servay. Sadaaaapppp...
rugi if you don't try
[sorry forgot what store]

Then went to the Pasar... still in Putatan area aa..
Pecal [dunno how to spell that but its veggies+kuah kacang]
yeap... that's all

then went home and dats all i did today
I on9 the rest of the day
*My hp died... that's why*
till now and till Im sleepy

That's all from my CrapZone.com
Thanx for reading