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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
Just my way of saying... 3:11 PM


i was supposed to have my last drive session with my tutor today.
But unfortunately the tutor's car went to where "sick" cars goes to
-the workshop-
so i don't have anything else to do other than online
However.. i don't know what to write about so
here's my crap words for today

"Everyone smiled at YOU when they saw YOU
but not everybody smile whole heartedly
Everyone talks to YOU
but YOU only listens to few
Everyone kept telling YOU facts
but not all of them are true
This is just few of those things
that happens to me and YOU"

whether this is true or not. That depends on your point of view...
yessss.... YOUR point of view. Im just writing out what ever that is in my mind

from me... your's truly
*this is MY crap zone.com*