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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
If I had those three wishes... 3:11 PM

I would wish...

the times when i'm with my friends will last forever...
ya... i missed those times in school when we're just doing nothing and being just plain
silly and all the time CRAP. haha

I met this one particular person sooner...
somehow this "person" gave my life much more impact than i could ever imagine. If only i
met that "person"
earlier my whole perspective of life can be change and I would actually
worked harder and
continue life with more joy and less the "emo" feel.. lol... I wanna know
more about that "person".
[ i'm not emo just emotional.. HAHA!! ]

Last wish??

Now I WISH i didn't put just THREE on the title.. haha... Well this my "current" three

And besides... you can't always have what you wished for...

moving on to my third wish...

i would wish that i get a good result in spm.. haha..

duh~~ what else would i wished for?
i hope i can get into University... where? i dunno... still in dilemma about that.. hehe
anyone wanna help me? Give me tutoringon this matter? haha...

I really hope my three wishes will come true,
Sure it sounds cliche' and stuff...
But .. it's my top most wish..[FOR NOW] hihi..

Thats all i wanna crap today...
Thank you for visiting My Crap Zone *dot* my...

Yours Truly,