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Monday, February 23, 2009
A dark rainy day 12:05 PM

It was raining the whole day today ...
can't connect to the internet...
so i watch tv... eat... sleep...

nothing to do
nothing happened

so here what i did...

take pictures!!! well... this was the photos i took from a long time...
on a rainy day... :DD
the ones i took today didn't came out as i expected
so I decided to post this batch instead...

as you can see... i have a lot of books...

okay .. most of them are comic books...

This is my favorite series... i bought the first two series
continue reading the rest of the series on9
[save money....]

My Helios Eclipse by Kaoru Collection

My whole collection of Kaoru
missing the
143 book
i shall add that one later...

okay ... that's all i wanna show today...
sorry if I bored ya

Yours truly,
*thank you for reading*