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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I have successfully FAILED ...
by one point!!!!!!!


when i looked at the marking he gave me... *STABS!!!*ARROW STABS*

so here's the short/long story...

i waited for my tutor to pick me up ... but he didn't show up.
So I *my mom* called him just to know he forgotten all about my darn test today.

The tutor came.. ah! at last! took the first part of the test as soon as the papers were signed.
All i have to do was go around the circuit and do all three obstacles for few times.. Easy? Kinda...

Finished all the three obstacles. Man! Its hot!! My right arm turned darker than the other one.. Need to wear some whitening lotion later on. ha ha. I sat there waiting for the examiner to come back for 15 minutes. When that person finally arrived... "Jam2 sambung"
I looked at my watch... 11.15 ... 2pm... that's roughly 3 hours!! What am i supposed to do till then??? So I went to the canteen to buy some cold water... panas bha.. dehydrated already...

I went back to the waiting place. There's a Chinese girl with her tutor. They were talking in Chinese...?? mandarin...?? hokkien... ?? I can't tell... HA HA...
After the tutor *the girl's uncle* left her all alone. I greeted the girl. She was older than me. WAYY older than me but she looked like she just finished high school. HA HA. Both of us was waiting for the QTI to start back again. Nyahaha!!
I'm just afraid I'll lose my focus due to the heat and boredom...

My tutor came back. He asked whether i have completed my test. HELL NO!!!
He told me to go eat but the food was just ... not my cup of tea.. I wasn't feeling that hungry at that time too. Called my dad I'm gonna be late... YEA.... another ONE HOUR and a HALF!!
Continued talking to the Chinese girl *Dunno her name*
[Percentage of concentration lost : 50% lost due to heat and boredom]

Yep! its been a whole THREE hours since i last check my watch... Spend the whole time talking to the girl *still don't know her name* about the test,cars.school,life... yea... BORED LIKE HELL man!!
And on top of that... it was Freaking HOT!! Even my water became hot due to weather. Waited another 15 minute for the darn examiner ... and finally!! HE CAME!!
[Percentage of concentration left : 65%]

In the car... adjusting everything i need to adjust... everything was in good conditions... I'm just a little nervous about the signals... Its the opposite of kancil's ... OKkkkk... pray,pray.... "StarT"
My steering control SUX TO THE MAX... *this was expected...*

everything was fine until i was on the main road...

Nothing more was commented after that . UNTIL!!!

I came to a selekoh... I was a little too late to use the break. DARN!! That was the last point!!!
The last point that could determine my PASS OR FAIL... The darn examiner told me all the stuff i must "re polished"... As i drove the car back to the waiting point... all i can think of was

"thank you for making me wait for 3 HOURS just to know i failed"
"darn! how am i gonna tell my dad about this???"
"Shii- one more point??? goddammit!! i was so CLOSE!!! *BLACK AURA*"
"Rm200?? will my dad gave me the money?? OMG!!!! HELL NO!!! what am i supposed to do??"

Then i told the tutor i failed. The big boss was there too. He even joked a little to make me feel better. *NOT!* i was thinking of driving the kancil home but the tutor was in a rush so i let him drive it. hehe. I think if i drive the kancil at that time... I'll be speeding beyond limit... MUAHHAHAHA!!!

Im gonna take my JPJ test next month.
[Who cares about the QTI ??? S****** la i wanna care right now. MUAHAHHA]
Since this month was FULL. Yeah... that time im gonna make the best of it. If i don't get higher than 17 ... Im gonna stop eating lolipop for a whole month ...
**Sound unreasonably unreasonable? Im a lolipop addict. Its a torture to do such thing**

and NOW
here i am...

sitting in front of the computer...
cursing the darn day of my failure...
*munching the sardine roll*
one more ...
HATE !!!!!!!
where's a good DARK CHOCOLATE when you need one... ??
I'm gonna go for a short *VERY SHORT* run after this...
oMG!!! ZOMG!! mum just text me...
*look unsure/worried/don't care*

WhatEv!! HEll Yea I'm kill something later on... MUHAHAHAHA
*devilish look*

All well ends well...

Yours Truly... *completely pissed off*
*This was from my [completely pissed off] CrapZone.com*