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Friday, February 06, 2009
another RAINISM day... 6:59 PM


so many puddle of water+mud around my house... yeay!! lets be 3 years old again!! pull out that yellow rain coat and put on that rain boots!! haha...

i know i wrote RAINISM but im not gonna talk about Rain/Bi/korean artist... im gonna crap about how this rainy day influences me in every way possible.... hehe

first of all.. i really,really LOVE rainy days...
*well..i used to... back before i have broadband installed in my house. hehe...
second of all ... rain gives "statics" to my mood/brain.
* i would be either extremely bubbly or extremely talkative..and i keep getting all the urge to sing during a rainy day

fact #3
rainy days makes me go melancholic all of a sudden. I can make my BEST sad,mellow poetry..
thank god i don't go emo .. haha

fact #4
i feel calm just hearing the pitter pats of the rains.
MAN! i feel TOO much for rain don't I?

that's the end of my facts about how rain affect me... hehe... :)

that is all ... for today... im gonna upload some of the photoshoot i did during a rainy day in another post... till then...

yours truly...
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