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Monday, January 26, 2009
Its been a while 1:09 PM

i wanted to update my so called blog for a long time. But OFTEN get distracted by other stuff. HAHA. I wanted to talk about my previous vacation to Singapore. But totally not in to it right now. well, let the pictures speak or themselves.... XP
My dad talking to one of the uncles from singapore.

I wanted to ride it but it has been stopped from operating due to
techinical difficulties.
Biggest Ferris Wheel i ever saw......

The Haw Par Villa. Previously known as 'Tigerbum'... (how do you spell that?)
Bought some of the souvenirs.
But only the cheap ones because the currency is very the MAHAL oo!!

Few other shots i took while visiting Singpore.
(only went around certain part of the city. VERY SHORT TIME!)

More shots in my facebook...
(dont think its that good though.... XP)

Thats all... For now.....