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Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Last Goodbye 10:54 PM

Guess I am not updating much like I use to . When things are not like what they use to be, you move on.

SO I decided to permanently stop blogging . Here in Blogger.com. Not because I hate it or spent to much time on Tumblr but rather because I'm lazy to update. Guess I couldn't even write as much as good .

Few days back I was yelled by my dad and that is not something I wish to share here. But soon after that incident I find myself lost in thoughts and spacing out thinking how life would be better off without me . and all i can think off was to die . to me, depression is a state where you are not only feel totally damaged and despair. Its a state where you starting to feel life isn't worth it. I know what you guys are thinking. "How could getting yelled at could be so destructive" or "geez, she's a cry baby. get over your emo self" and what not. But haven't you heard of like "words can kill" or something? Like verbal bullying or abuse ? And seriously keeping something inside of you for a lifetime is seriously fucked up . its like you are trying to fill the whole house in one tiny bag. Get what I mean ? Everything just burst out when you can't hold it.

and yes. I am terrible at explaining stuff in a way it should be.

Well. Guess that's it. I will put this one blog down . I need time to recollect and putting myself together after this whole depression thing kinda landed on me. Which explains my disappearing act for more than a week on internet.

Tumblr link if you miss me >>> HERE

So long Blogger . So long readers . Nice for you to drop by . :)